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Mahendra Trivedi Master of Transformation

Mahendra Trivedi has astounded the scientific     community world-wide with his Energy Transmissions..

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The Trivedi Effect®

The Trivedi Effect is a natural phenomenon that transforms living organisms and non-living materials through the Energy Transmissions of Mahendra Trivedi and The Trivedi MastersTM. This beneficial transformation is accomplished by strengthening their connection to the source of all..........

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Optimizing Human Potential

we are here to provide lasting solutions to the worlds most pressing problems and vastly improve the human condition. We are also pioneers in the field of consciousness with our unique energy transmissions. Our mission is to integrate this intelligent energy with technology..............

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Research experiments performed on over 50 crops and plants, and plant..
Groundbreaking cancer research at the California Pacific Medical Center..
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Amazing improvement in animal produce, meat quality and edible..
Materials Science Changed the lattice parameters of unit cells, crystallite sizes..
Accredited lab experiments on 140 species of bacteria and fungi and 4 species ..
Genetic changes in plants and microbes as seen in DNA polymorphism tests

Transformation – Human Beings, Crops and Plants.........


Many journals have published without hesitation the findings of our research in Materials Science and Microbiology, and a fair number of physicists have come forward to express their support for the endeavor, while serious research work for further investigation has been undertaken by a number of laboratories in the US as well as in India.Some papers have also been presented and well-received at conferences.

The astonishing nature of the results does cause a deep and perhaps necessary skepticism in scientific-minded people, and there have also been many editors of journals who have shown reluctance in accepting a paper for publication. Caution in this area is understandable, but sometimes the reasons cited lack substance and appear to be manufactured excuses for steering clear of the field.It is apparent that courage is also necessary before the data is considered seriously. As the numbers of experiments continue to increase in many different fields, we anticipate that a lot of this skepticism will give way to more healthy discussions.

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